Enterologics Highlights Growing News on Probiotics

Enterologics, Inc (ELGO) reported today that as the scientific literature regarding probiotics continues to expand, so does information on the web continue to proliferate. Some of the websites provide excellent, balanced information, others provide healthy skepticism, and many others recycle general information or make over-hyped claims. The challenge is finding good sources of information for a consumer to guide selection among the many over-the-counter products that are now available.

Enterologics Highlights Growing News on Probiotics
Image Courtesy: blog.therabreath.com

Some useful sites include the following:

The Mayo Clinic website provides a source of balanced information about various health issues. A search for “probiotics” yields a wealth of useful information about what is known about probiotics, particularly for their potential role in various disease states.

The International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics provides solid scientific information and updates on recent and forthcoming scientific conferences.

USProbiotics.org is a dairy industry-sponsored site. It is a collaboration between the California Dairy Research Federation and Dr. Mary Ellen Sanders, a frequent contributor to scientific journals on probiotics. The website provides multiple useful links to other sites regarding the science and emerging regulatory issues surrounding probiotic products.

Doses of healthy skepticism are provided at Science Based Medicine. This is a blog commentary on many controversial topics in medicines, particularly for therapies and procedures that the contributors think have been accepted to readily.

The Company indicated that from time to time, it will highlight additional sources of useful information regarding the emerging science related to probiotics, the normal gastrointestinal microflora, and health.

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18 September 2012