Probiotics Keep Pets Healthy

 DogOne in about four people in USA owns a dog. This is a huge number of pet dogs which in turn, would give you a fair idea of how big the US dog-food industry is. While pre-packed and processed dog food is okay when used intermittently with fresh food, it is actually harmful if and when it is used in exclusively.

Why? Because pre-packed and processed dog food is dead food; food that has been pasteurized and therefore has no enzymes or friendly bacteria that are required for the digestion of food. This means that though your dog is given the right nutrition, it would not profit from it since it cannot digest it properly.

The role of the probiotics is double pronged. On one hand they help with the digestion and absorption of food and on the other hand they suppress the growth of harmful bacteria by multiplying heavily and eliminating the bad ones from the bowel walls.

Here some benefits that probiotics trigger in your dog’s body are:

  • Reduces the intestine pH, which in turn prevents the multiplication of harmful bacteria in the intestine
  • Produces hydrogen peroxide and fatty acids that interfere in the development of pathogenic micro-organisms
  • Stimulates the immune system by producing anti-microbial substances that check both viruses and harmful bacteria growth and development
  • increases the levels of anti-bodies in the bowels of the animal as well as in the blood stream
  • encourages the growth and multiplication of friendly bacteria

How to get it?
There are two major ways to get probiotics into the system of your pet dog :

The natural way
-There is nothing easier or better than feeding your dog what it is meant to eat: raw food.
-Use chicken or turkey backs and necks for your dog as well as pork and beef and joint bones.
-Organs such as spleen, liver, lungs, kidney and heart are excellent for your dog’s diet.
-You need to mince this meat loosely and mix with it small measures of fresh vegetables and fruits.
-This should be fed to the dog 4-5 times a week.
-The rest of the time you could use the standard supermarket dog food.

Supplement and additives of probiotics
If you are unable to provide your dog raw meals, it is a good idea to add probiotics to its pasteurized and processed food. Fortunately, there are plenty of brands probiotics you could choose from in the market. Consult your vet for the dosage.