Nordic Naturals Unveils New Labels


Nordic Naturals Unveils New Labels
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The professional line of California-based Nordic Naturals has a new look that offers increased functionality and appeal. The classic product formulations that define Nordic Naturals award winning omega’s remain the same, but the labels for these products now contain various new features, including a classification system that will better assist practitioner and patient alike.

Nordic Naturals Professional products labels now include the following information:
“True Triglyceride Form” seal to guarantee that triglyceride form products offer 70 percent better absorption than ethyl ester form products, providing better results and omega-for-dollar value.
EPA and DHA amounts per serving clearly indicated for dosing convenience.
Support Functions prominently displayed to help with product selection.
“Clinical Research” seal to identify products featured in published research studies.
Colored Bars correspond to product classification for quick identification. Practitioners can now easily select products based on five classifications that are color coded for ease convenience and display.
Maintenance Support (blue label) includes non concentrate omega-3’s and blends.
High Intensity Support (yellow label) includes concentrated omega-3’s with a minimum of 1,100mg of EPA+DHA per serving.
Targeted Support (red label) includes concentrated omega-3’s with high levels of either EPA or DHA for targeted health needs.
Condition-Specific Support (green label) includes concentrated omega-3’s that deliver high levels of EPA and DHA, with condition-specific nutrients added.
Pediatric Support (orange label) includes unique delivery options and dosing tailored to children.

“These labels have been developed with input from professional health care practitioners in mind. With more than 40 professional products, our new label design will make dosing and product selection convenient for the practitioner, and ensure the best possible experience for patients,” said Keri Marshall, MS, ND, Nordic Naturals chief medical officer.

16 October 2012