Common Conditions Linked with Leaky Gut

An even more serious problem that can develop as a result of dysbiosis is "leaky gut" or "leaky gut syndrome". These terms indicate abnormal or increased permeability of the intestinal lining.

Common Conditions Linked with Leaky Gut
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A healthy intestinal lining allows only the nutrients from properly digested fats, proteins, and carbohydrates to pass through for transport to the cells. Simultaneously, the lining acts as a barrier to keep out larger particles, including disease causing bacteria, toxic molecules, undigested food particles, and other foreign substances.

When inflamed or irritated, the lining becomes damaged. The damage occurs as increased permeability. This allows harmful substances to pass directly through the weakened cell membranes. With time, this becomes leaky gut syndrome, a condition causing a large number of symptoms and illnesses. As we expand our knowledge about the connection between digestive function and the immune system, the list of health conditions associated with leaky gut grows. Depending on our individual susceptibilities, we may develop a wide variety of health problems.

Common conditions associated with leaky gut include:
Crohn's Disease
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Chronic diarrhea
Food allergies
Acne and other skin problems

Chronic bad breath
Menstrual complaints
Hormonal problems
Candida infections
Breast enlargement in men
Severe bruising
Childhood hyperactivity
Chronic bladder infections
Chronic vaginal infections
High cholesterol levels
Prostate trouble
Liver dysfunction
Chronic anemia
Vitamin B deficiency

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18 December 2012