What Causes the Inflammation in Crohn’s Disease?

Exposing the Truth about Crohns by Dave Watson!

Crohn’s sufferers have been told time after time that Crohn’s is an autoimmune disease and therefore the inflammation is caused by an aggressive immune response.

Read my PDF The Crohn’s Deception and you’ll realize it’s completely false that Crohn’s is an autoimmune disease.

What Causes the Inflammation in Crohn’s Disease (SHOCKING)?
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Crohn’s sufferers do NOT have an aggressive immune response; numerous independent studies have confirmed that Crohn’s sufferers have a weak immune response!

For example, have a look at these studies.
“Crohn’s disease, a constitutionally weak immune response”
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“The cause of Crohn’s disease (CD) remains poorly understood… Counterintuitively, these patients possess an impaired acute inflammatory response”
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“Investigations indicate that CD is actually a primary immunodeficiency”
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So, if the inflammation and ulcers are not caused by an aggressive immune response, what is causing them? What you are about to read is a MONUMENTAL breakthrough in Crohn’s disease and it’s a SHOCKING breakthrough.

There are perhaps six studies or more that PROVE bacteria is not properly removed from the gut lining in Crohn’s. Normally, immune cells would remove the bacteria and prevent any damage by bacteria, but the immune cells are not functioning properly because there’s too much of a substance called TNF, so they allow bacteria to settle along and even DAMAGE the gut lining.

How do the bacteria damage the gut lining? They ferment carbohydrates and produce acid as a by-product. This acid burns the gut lining leading to inflammation and ulcers. Yes, the inflammation/ulcers in Crohn’s sufferers are caused by bacteria producing acid.

I know it’s hard to believe that bacteria damage the gut in Crohn’s, so I will show proof. Did you know that tooth decay is caused by bacteria producing acid in the mouth? Bacteria ferment sugars and produce lactic acid that destroys teeth.

In the gut, are there more bacteria than cells in the body, some of these bacteria produce acid after fermenting sugars/starches. Normally, immune cells protect the gut lining from damage by bacteria, but when there’s too much of compound called TNF in areas of the gut, the immune cells don’t function properly and allow bacteria to damage the gut.

Here’s the PROOF that normal gut bacteria are causing the damage in Crohn’s sufferers. It’s a little technical but I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible. If Crohn’s is caused by bacteria fermenting sugars/starches, is there any evidence linking sugar/starch consumption to Crohn’s?
Yes, overwhelming evidence.

There are a dozen studies linking sugar/starch consumption to Crohn’s disease.
Here’s three:
1. “A diet high in refined sugar and low in raw fruit and vegetables precedes and may favour the development of Crohn’s disease”
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2. “Our results confirm that carbohydrate consumption is significantly higher in IBD patients than in healthy controls.” Read more  
3. “consumption of sugars and sweeteners, sweets… were positively associated with CD risk”
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There are perhaps six studies that prove that bacteria is not properly removed from the gut lining in Crohn’s sufferers. Here’s one “Bacteria clearance is delayed in Crohn’s sufferers”
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There’s no doubt that some of the bacteria not removed from the gut lining in Crohn’s ferment carbohydrates and produce acid.

The inflammatory response in Crohn’s has been studied for several decades by dozens and dozens of doctors, professors and other researchers. If the inflammatory response in Crohn’s disease is caused by bacteria producing acid then it should be the same as a burns’ inflammatory response – it is! I spent a long time comparing the inflammatory in Crohn’s and the inflammatory response in a burn and they are the same.

Inflammatory response in a burn is discussed in these two papers: paper 1 and paper 2.

The inflammatory response in Crohn’s and a burn involves iNOS, PGE2, IL-6, IFN-y expression and much more.

In particular, it’s been found that Th1/Th17 cells are characteristic of Crohn’s intestinal inflammation. Likewise, Th1/Th17 cells can be generated following a burn injury, read more here and here.

IL-22/3 & IL-17 pro-inflammatory cytokines are “fundamentally connected” to Crohn’s, here and here.
IL-17 and IL-22 are also found following a deliberate burn: Read More 

Proteolytic activity is increased in Crohn’s, proteolytic activity is increased in burns: Read More 

Type V collagen is increased in Crohn’s, Type V collagen is increased in burn tissues too.

I could go on and on comparing them but they are the same. In Crohn’s, parts of the gut can thicken and form strictures. What causes them? Acid burn can cause strictures,
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Now you know how the inflammation and ulcers are created in Crohn’s.

By Dave Watson
16 January 2013