Essential Formulas’ Chia Omega+ Vitamin D3 Wins Better Nutrition Magazine’s “Best of Supplements Award”

One of four plant-based Omega-3 formulations recently launched by Essential Formulas Incorporated has been honored for its use of high-protein Chia seed oil combined with key dietary and antioxidant support for optimum health and convenience.

Derived from high-protein Chia seeds documented to offer more ALA Omega-3 than fish or flax seed oil, Chia seed oil is considered to be one of the planet’s richest and most sustainable sources of this essential fatty acid (EFA).

Essential Formulas’ Chia Omega+ Vitamin D3
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These revolutionary products not only support a healthy Omega-3-to-6 ratio, but also augment with additional synergetic ingredients for a consumer’s individual health goals.

Honored with a “Best of Supplements Award” in the New Supplement category, CHIA OMEGA® + Vitamin D3, a certified vegetarian product, is leading the way in combining cold-pressed Chia seed oil with highly bioavailable Vitamin D3. Known to support both bone health and healthy mood, Vitamin D3 is a synergetic addition to Omega-3, known to help support healthy heart function and mental cognition.

“We knew there was a market for a fish oil alternative and are excited to be able to offer a vegetarian Omega-3 option that not only eliminates fishy aftertaste, but is also is believed to be a better Omega-3 overall,” said Michael Schoor, CEO and President of EFI.

In its sixth year presenting the “Best of Supplements Award,” Better Nutrition Magazine selected the winners from manufacturer nominations, natural health retailer’s survey and input from the Better Nutrition’s Advisory Board, which consists of naturopathic practitioners, journalists and staff.

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26 September 2013