Probiotics now added to Food

dining partners According to Jess Halliday, Freedonia Marketing Grp has identified Probiotics in dairy products as being an additive sub-category likely to post above-average growth, since the beneficial bacteria are being used more and more in yogurts and other products.

She also mentions that there is also some evidence of probiotics breaking out of the traditional yogurt delivery category and into foods like cheese, chocolate, and coatings for breakfast cereals.

She continues to say that last year Barry Callebaut launched Acticoa, claimed to be the first probiotic-containing chocolate on the consumer market, which uses encapsulation to protect the live bacteria.

Danisco is also known to have been involved in developing probiotic cheese.

Halliday concludes by adding, ... "nor is it just probiotics that are extending beyond traditional uses, Freedonia says that other nutraceuticals like vitamins and minerals and herbal extracts are being fouond in waters, soft drinks, fruit juices, desserts and candy."

Source:, Posted March 7, 2008
Author: Jess Halliday
Article Name: Innovation still driving force for additives