Makers Diet for Weight Loss | Jordan Rubin

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, January 31, 2009

- In these tough economic times, it's nice to know that you don't have to join a pricey weight loss program or hire a personal trainer to shed pounds.

Maker Diet Book
"You don't have to shell out major bucks to lose weight,"claims natural health expert Jordan Rubin. The New York Times best selling author's latest book, The Maker's Diet for Weight Loss, recently hit newsstands nationwide and maintains that buying healthier, organic, whole foods are a bargain compared to packaged, processed, and convenience foods.

"It's a myth that eating healthier foods will drain your wallet," says Rubin. "People won't balk at paying three or four dollars for a box of crackers, but they mistakenly think organic vegetables and fruits are pricey. Compared to the price of most packaged goods, shopping for fresh produce is still a good bet."

Based on biblical principles of eating foods that God created, Rubin's book suggests that dieters can have more success when there's a spiritual aspect involved.

Rubin added, "If money had anything at all to do with weight loss, Oprah wouldn't be continually battling her weight issues after so many years. I think that introducing a spiritual element to her weight loss efforts could make it easier for her - or anyone else - to remain more disciplined and committed to a healthy lifestyle. It's something people can take more seriously than a New Year's resolution."

Rubin wrote the book after discovering that many followers of his 2004 New York Times best seller, The Maker's Diet, were concerned about losing weight in addition to being healthier. After reading hundreds of letters and meeting thousands of people on a six month tour last year, he created a streamlined sixteen-week program that includes many of the principles found in The Maker's Diet, but with a focus on making the program more user-friendly and effective.

The simplified sixteen-week program is designed to help readers achieve a lifelong, healthy eating plan. With solid medical advice from Bernard Bulwer, MD, an advanced clinical fellow at one of the premier teaching hospitals at Harvard Medical School, The Maker's Diet Book for Weight Loss also includes success stories about dieters who have lost as much as 85 pounds on Rubin's diet plan. The holistic approach stresses eating whole foods, taking daily dietary supplements, committing to moderate exercise, and reducing stress.

No-no's on the diet include artificial sweeteners, shellfish, diet sodas, and cooking with hydrogenated oils.

"The book encourages people to trim their waistline and not their wallets," added Rubin.

About the Author
Jordan S. Rubin is the founder and chairman of the Garden of Life Inc. wellness company in West Palm Beach. The author of numerous health books, including Patient Heal Thyself, Restoring Your Digestive Health, and the New York Times best seller The Maker's Diet, he has been featured on Good Morning America, NBC Nightly News, FOX and Friends, Inside Edition, USA Today, and Newsweek. He lives in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, with his wife, Nicki, and family.