High quality Children's Vitamins & EFA's from Nordic Naturals

Karlynn Johnston of Super-Natural Moms, did some research into children's vitamins. She came across a lot of helpful information concerning the difference between synthetic and whole food vitamins.

She explains that Whole food vitamins are comprised of organic/higher quality foods, and the aim is to have them free of chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides, certified organic supplements have a higher chance of being free from toxins. She thinks that the organic standards could be better, and as we all know, are not governed the same across the board.

Johnson explains that Whole food supplements should not have any rocks or coral, & have only complete whole food vitamins, and contain absolutely no additives, or synthetic, chemical or isolate ingredients.

She includes Nordic Berries and Nordic DHA soft gels Ultimate Omega Kids Gummies as some of the better vitamins and supplements for children that she found.

Nordic Naturals Kids Berries
Image Courtesy:Nordic Naturals

She likes Nordic Berries, by Nordic Naturals because they have a third party test for environmental pollutants, and these supplements have no artificial coloring, flavoring, or preservatives, as well as being vegetarian, pectin-based and allergen-free.

Nordic Naturals Omega Gummies
Image Courtesy:Nordic Naturals

Nordic DHA soft gels Ultimate Omega Children’s DHA Formula is a small, chewable children’s DHA supplement flavored with strawberry essence. Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA Formula is a delicious way for children (over 2 years) to supplement their diet with the essential brain nutrient, DHA.
Molecularly distilled for purity, Children’s DHA Formula contains only naturally existing vitamins A & D.

She goes on to explain that all Nordic Naturals products are doctor recommended, pharmaceutical grade, molecularly distilled, and third party tested to document the absence of all environmental pollutants (No PCBs, dioxins, pesticides or heavy metals). Nordic Naturals featured products are flavored using patented processing with natural lemon and strawberry essence.