Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Recommended for Menopause

Dr Steven Brody MD, gynecologist and assistant clinical professor at UC San Diego School of Medicine, presented information on bio-identical hormone therapy in menopause at The Scripps Conference on Natural Supplements in La Jolla, California.

In Brody’s opinion, conjugated hormones - namely Premarin, which consists of about six different conjugated estrogens derived from the urine of pregnant mares, is “one of the worst offenders for woman’s health in the last 50-100 years. It’s natural for horses, not for women,” he said.

Dr. Steven Brody was trained at Yale and Stanford Universities, where he said he was taught the “party line” about hormones. Like other gynecologists of this time, he too prescribed synthetic hormones as a cure-all for hot flashes, heart diseases, osteoporosis and memory loss. “It was said to be free of serious side effects,” he explained.

Brody recommends bio-identical hormone therapy for his patients who need relief from menopausal symptoms. If used properly, there are a myriad of benefits,” he says.

Image Courtesy: Dr Steven Brody

■Eliminates hot flashes
■Improves mood and concentration
■Improves vitality
■Decreases wrinkles
■Maintains skin collagen
■Improves fine motor skills
■Increases sexual interest
■Decreases memory lapses
■Reduces heart risks
■Reduces painful intercourse
■Reduces night sweats

Add bone health to this list as well. “Estrogen is for the prevention - not treatment- of osteoporosis in early post-menopausal women,” he explained.

Dr. Brody’s presentation also covered bio-identical progesterone, “which should always be used if the uterus is intact. Natural progesterone improves sleep, breathing, blood pressure, mood and fat metabolism,” he explained. He recommended using natural, micronized progesterone or transdermally with a topical gel or cream.

Dr. Brody spoke too about bio-identical testosterone. He told the audience that it “may improve well being, increase sexual interest, and should be used topically, either added to the estrogen gel or used separately.”

Dr Brody also said that many women will experience benefits from taking bio-identical DHEA, an adrenal androgen, which declines with age and is a precursor to estrogen and testosterone. “It can enhance immune function, improve sleep and well being, and increase lean body mass.”

Several years ago, Steven A. Brody developed a male infertility treatment, Proceptin, to help increase healthy sperm counts in men wanting to have children. The treatment was developed based on research from over 60 fertility studies.