Calcium Supplement from Garden of Life is Raw & Organic

Calcium Foods
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Calcium is regarded as one of the most important parts of overall body health. There are extensive benefits of calcium to the body. Besides being one of the most important components of bone and dental health, calcium also helps protect the body from a large number of conditions and illnesses.

Most Calcium supplements are derived from rock and mineral sources, which are unnatural for the body to digest. Vitamin Code Calcium from Garden of Life is unique. It is taken from a natural plant source harvested directly from marine algae. The body naturally prefers plant-based consumption and finds these kinds of nutrients much easier to digest and absorb.

Marine Calciium
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But that’s not the only benefit of using a more biologically friendly source of Calcium. Thanks to the plant-based source of the Calcium, the supplement itself contains trace elements of several other highly important ingredients critical to overall bodily health.

Even though the use of herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers increases yearly in their use, Garden of Life Calcium does not contain any of them. The RAW system supplies food that is natural and hasn’t been corrupted or tampered with. By consuming these types of natural foods your body is getting the nutrition and benefits of the foods you can consume in the healthy and beneficial way - the way that nature always intended. Actually, even by simply heating the foods we eat we are destroying much of the vitamins and minerals the food would otherwise provide.

Taking Garden of Life RAW food supplements, we get the whole nutrition value of food as it retains all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probiotics located within the food naturally. Adding chemical agents or altering the food’s structure through cooking and preparation can drastically lower these values..