Fatty Acids Good for Dogs with Allergies

Prasitwiset.com tells us about a true testimonial using Pet Omega from Nordic Naturals:

I have a 4 year old boxer who has always been fighting allergies. He would dry heave and throw up due to allergies. After researching I found out that dogs that suffer from allergies tend to suffer from inflamation which could strike in their intestines, stomach, bones etc.

It started about 2 years ago when my dog would dry heave and throw up once every three weeks and began to happen more frequently. I racked my brain, changing out his food 4 different times. Consulted the vet and he told me as long as he is not throwing up more then once a week that it was ok and just allergies to just give him Benadryl.

Pet Omega Nordic Naturals
Image Courtesy: www.nordicnaturals.com

In the last 6 months my dog would throw up every 4 days and his flagellation was absolutely out of control. He also suffered from sneezing and runny nose. I spent many hours on the internet researching possible causes and remedies when I ran into this product. Desperate I decided to try and I am absolutely impressed.

My dog has been on this Nordic Naturals Pet Omega for a little over a week and no throwing up. No dry heaving, his flagellation is minimal. Maybe sneezed twice in 4 days and no runny nose. I would reccomend this product if your dog or cat is suffering from allergies. Also I quickly learned that it is very common that animals suffer from some sort of allergies and inflamation from these allergies will cause severe issues such as itching, hair loss, arthritis and even heart problems.

Fatty acids like the ones that are in this product help fight the inflamation and most animals do not produce these acids. Also I read that pet food that advertises they include these fatty acids are not good enough. I plan to make this product a permanent part of my dog’s diet