Nordic Naturals Kids Multi Gummie Berries Review

Shiralh Reviews Nordic Naturals Nordic Gummy Berries:

I tried a few different kids chewables from the rock hard to the medicine tasting before finding Nordic Berries.

Kid Gummy Berries Nordic Naturals
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They contains a natural source of Vitamins A, C, D3, E, B1, B2, B6, B12. The Vitamin is intended for children 2 and older but the bottle reads ("for adults and kids alike") and no wonder, they are delicious!

Some of the things that make this the Vitamin of choice is that it contains no artificial color, flavor or preservatives, they are Pectin based and are allergen free!

They come in a plastic container of 120 chewy vitamins.
The only drawback is for children 2 and older 4 of the vitamins or recommended a day. Which means for one child a bottle will last only 30 days. For 2 kids it will only last 15 days.

They have a citrus flavor, orange color, and crystal sugared look to them. You can easily take bites out of it and will want to, in order to enjoy the burst of citrus, the crystal coating has a sour yummy tang.

We love these vitamins and will continue to be frequent buyers.
For an organic, delicious and easy to chew VITAMIN! You can't do much better than the 20ish dollars you will spend in store.

April 22, 2010