The Best Way For Helping Your Digestive System

Eating out can be a pleasure, but for some, it is more of a nightmare. Those used to eating food prepared in a certain way will find that their body does not appreciate the cooking and processing methods employed by many restaurants. The body needs certain enzymes in order to break down difficult to digest foods such as beans and broccoli as well as carbohydrates and fats. Omegazyme by Garden of Life is a dietary supplement that helps replenish the body’s enzyme supply.

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Digestive enzymes are nutrients essential to the human body. Raw foods contain enzymes that promote easy digestion, but eating processed or cooked foods requires that the body create enzymes necessary for digestion. Because enzymes are destroyed once used, the enzyme supply must constantly be replenished and this puts a huge strain on the body.

Enzymes are essentially catalysts for the chemical reactions that occur in the body. They are protein-like substances that help that help the body perform necessary functions, digest food, and maintain the body’s tissues. The easiest way to get enzymes into the body is to consume a lot of fermented and raw foods. Adding Omega-Zyme or another high-potency digestive enzyme supplement will help to generate even more enzymes.

The body needs three types of enzymes in order to function properly. The first type, the metabolic enzyme, aids with cell, tissue, and organ functions. The second type, the food enzyme, helps to break down food before the third type, the digestive enzyme, begins working. However, there are often not enough food enzymes present in the system due to the small amount of raw foods that many of us eat.

The pancreas secretes indigenous digestive enzymes into the small intestine. These digestive enzymes take over after the food enzymes have done their job. Omega-Zyme adds much-needed additional enzymes and microorganisms to the system. The product includes ginger, turmeric, barley grass, cat’s claw and plant-based enzymes useful in the digestive process.

The product may be purchased as either a caplet or a powder and both forms are equally effective. One to two scoops of powder per meal and snack is recommended. The powder may also be sprinkled directly on room temperature or cooler food. Alternatively, one to two caplets per meal and snack may be taken as desired. Recommended dosage varies with the state of the individual’s digestive health and amount of processed food included in the meal or snack. Taking the product on an empty stomach will increase detoxification and cleansing.

The product features a challenge that is sure to provide noticeable results. Consumers are encouraged to try the product for up to five days and then stop taking it. The body will immediately revert to its prior state of digestion, which will result in a noticeable difference.

The Garden of Life products is an all-natural vegetarian product containing no artificial preservatives or colors. This dietary supplement provides the body with Garden of Life Omegazyme essential to proper digestive health. Taking this product on a daily basis will provide a more pleasant dining experience and open up a world of new cuisine options for those who were previously limited in their choices.

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June 02, 2010