Accutane and Crohn’s Disease

For twenty seven years, innocent Americans unknowingly ingested the “miracle” acne treatment medication called Accutane.


Prescribed by physicians and taken orally, Accutane was created to reduce blemishes,pimples, zits and other acne via active ingredient Isotretinoin, which would increase Vitamin A, decrease oil and help skin to replenish itself.

But for many, the cost of clearer skin was too high. These people suffered a number of damaging Accutane side effects, and one of the worst were inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), such as ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn’s Disease.
Some victims tolerated the side effects and had to have surgeries, even had to have their colon removed due to Accutane. However, many didn’t connect the cause and effect – until now.

Now, the lid is getting blown from the cover-ups and the outright neglect imposed by pharmaceutical company Roche Pharmaceuticals, a Swiss-based giant whose American headquarters are in New Jersey.
Accutane side effects victims are filing Accutane lawsuits or defective medication lawsuits versus the culpable drug manufacturer – and they’re winning.

So far, damages totaling $56 million have already been awarded to some Accutane acne medication victims. In February of 2010, just one Accutane victim from Alabama was awarded more than $25 million in Accutane side effects injury damages. He’d had 5 operations, including one which removed his colon, and all because he took Accutane.

Roche learned of Accutane’s damaging side effects, yet kept selling it anyway. Like other monstrously huge pharmaceutical behemoths, Roche was generating billions on its defective drug, but predicted having to pay litigation awards of millions, not billions. Thus, Accutane may remain successful for Roche, which has collected up to $1.2 billion in Accutane profits in 1 year.

Confronted with Accutane lawsuits and with inroads made by generic Accutane products after its patent expired, Roche in 2009 removed Accutane from the marketplace in America, though it still sells the defective drug in many other countries. Yet generic Accutane continues to be accessible in America, including Amnesteem, Claravis and Sotret. All Accutane type generics contain damaging Isotretinoin, the active ingredient of Accutane.

If you have taken Accutane and as a result, suffered with Crohns Disease or Ulcerative Colitis, please contact Greg Jones at 800 538-337 for possible financial compensation.
Side Effects of Accutane

October 8, 2010