Pets can go Organic.

Cynthia Powell runs a local business of organic dog treats.What started out as a fundraiser to build the Fort Steilacoom Dog Park has become a blooming local business.Baking out of her home in Steilacoom, Powell makes and sells organic dog treats for local pooch-parents to feed their pups.


Powell, who graduated from Pierce in 2005, has been mastering her craft for a long time now, researching and practicing different styles and flavors to sell at the local farmers markets.

Powell's business, Dog Treat Bakery, has 15 flavors available such as beef,bacon, buffalo,lamb,chicken and turkey.
A few non-meat options are offered for the vegetarian furry friends; some of them include peanut butter, sweet potato, mint, and pumpkin.

The most popular flavor is buffalo, which is unique because it's not the most common meat to be in dog food.
While some dog treat suppliers use broth to flavor their goods, Powell uses real meat. Each treat is made of about 40% meat, which adds to the nutritional value instead of being just empty calories.
"I use oat flour because there's a lot of dogs that are allergic to wheat," Powell said. "There's some dog vitamins in there also." Instead of artificial preservatives she uses a powdered form of vitamin E, therefore the treats need to be refrigerated to sustain freshness.

Powell makes dog cakes frosted with fat free cream cheese and Pupcakes, which are just what they sound like, dog treats shaped like cupcakes with a dollop of goat cheese on top for frosting.
During the holidays Powell makes treats in different shapes ranging from pumpkins and ghost on Halloween to gingerbread men and Christmas trees on Christmas.She also experiments with different types of flavors.

Plans are in progress to open a shop across from the dog park in Steilacoom where she will bake and sell her treats. There may also be items from the Protect Our Pets such as T-shirts and hats.

Online orders can be placed at her website,

Kimmi Shoemaker