Are Your Children Running on Empty

Do you know a typical American only consumes 1-1/2 servings of vegetables and no fruit on an average day?
Are you surprised that America is the fattest nation on the planet?

Interesting Facts:

  • Americans spend 90% of their money on processed foods

  • The % of overweight children has more than doubled since 1980

  • The % of overweight adolescents has more than tripled since 1980

  • Overweight young people are more likely to become overweight or obese adults

  • Juvenile delinquents are usually hypoglycemic

  • Putting them on a good diet keeps them out of trouble

  • Good nutrition makes children calmer and more co-operative, which makes parenting easier

  • Kids who eat a breakfast with good fats and proteins perform better in school than kids who start the day with high carbohydrate breakfast cereals

  • Adding fat (butter, cream, olive oil, flax seed oil) to whole grain breakfast cereals helps to balance blood sugar. Kids need fat for their brain and nervous system health and cell membranes. Fat is also necessary for some hormones and immune functions, reducing sugar cravings

  • Cut up fruits and vegetables to encourage children (and adults) to eat them

  • dips and sauces to make vegetables more appealing

  • Serve vegetables and fruits as after school or pre-meal snacks.

    They are important for:

  • Complex carbohydrates

  • Antioxidants

  • Vitamins and Minerals

  • Fiber
    It’s never too late to start taking care of your children’s health by giving them the proper nutrition for their body and mind.

    Posted October 18, 2010