EMF Cell Phone Protection

Do Cell Phone EMF Protectors Work?

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In an article Victoria Anisman-Reiner, she tells us that mobile phones have been associated with brain and jaw cancer for many years. But despite the known health risks of microwaves, electromagnetic frequencies and other radiation put out by cell phones, very few people make use of the devices that are designed to protect from radiation dangers. There's little scientific evidence that they work, yet many people report improvements in their health and productivity when using a cell phone protector.

Cell Phone Hazards
The dangers of cell phones are two-fold, since cell phones emit electromagnetic frequencies ("EMF") as well as microwaves.

The effects of cell phone exposure can be easily observed on EEG scans.
Many people report disorientation, dizziness, fatigue, irritation, loss of focus, headaches, migraines, and insomnia when exposed to EMF without protection.
Microwaves are known for their cancer risk; the brain, ears and eyes are especially vulnerable to microwave frequencies.
Mobile phones have been linked with fertility problems for those who wear cell phones in their pants pockets.

Cell Phone Radiation Protection
Several products exist that can protect people from the hazards of cell phone use.

Cell phone protectors usually come in the form of a chip or small decal that can be installed in a phone or attached to the back of your cell. They are usually programmed with frequencies that counter the effects of EMF pollution emitted by phones.

Although there is some variation in such products, EEG reports show that some are genuinely effective in blocking or limiting the effect that cell phone use has on the brain and body.

People who are sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies generally report less headaches, more mental clarity, and better ability to focus productively when they use a cell phone protector on their phone, Blackberry, portable home phone or other mobile device.

There is significant debate over whether cell phone protectors work or are just an elaborate hoax. Although little third-party, peer-reviewed research exists that could verify that they have passed scientific muster, they do help some people with intense EMF reactions, and that alone is evidence that there is truth to the claims about cell phone protectors.

The research just doesn't exist that could establish how much cell phone radiation is necessary for serious health problems to occur. But with the known risks, it makes sense to do everything possible to protect yourself – especially for those who use mobile phones or PDAs frequently.

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