EMFs & Acupuncture Meridian Research

Radiation emitted from cell phones exposes the users brain (and pineal gland) to high levels of potentially dangerous EMFs, as well as exposing others who may be sitting a few feet away during transmission.

Image Courtesy:justgetthere.us

Current research links long-term exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiation with chronic disease as well as cancer. This is not just from cellular phones (and the towers), but from electrical cords and electronic devices, TVs, computers, car engines, cordless phones, AC circuits, pagers, and watches.

Harmful electromagnetic frequencies are a slow drain on the healing power and regenerative capacities in the body.

For example, the battery used in the operation of a wristwatch has been shown to weaken the meridians which run through the wrist, such as heart, lung, large intestine, small intestine, and hormone meridians.

There are reports of researchers conducting experiments to gauge the EMF stress on the human body from using phones. It is said that they found that in all subjects tested, within 30 seconds of placing a phone receiver to a healthy subjects ear, there was a measurable loss of strength in the main meridian running through the back of the neck (the Governing Vessel), as well as a progressive weakening of other meridians as the phone use continued.

When subjects with chronic fatigue were tested, a 2-minute phone exposure time resulted in a more severe weakening of their meridians, requiring 15 minutes or more to return to their original status. The weakening effect of cellular phones was quicker and more extensive, with the meridians of even healthy subjects taking much longer to recuperate.

Symptoms from EMF fields near the head area include: headaches, poor vision, vision changes, hard to get up in the morning, chronic sinus problems, poor memory, tooth pain, new cavities, chronic fatigue, TMJ (jaw joint) problems, hearing changes, eye pain.*

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