Patient With Rare Disease Finds Surgical Cure in City

Doctors of Fortis Hospital operated upon a 38-year-old patient of Crohn's Disease, a condition that connected his intestine to the urinary bladder. As a result, he was passing urine from the rectum and fecal matter through the urinary passage.

Crohn's Disease is very rare in India. People in North America and northern Europe are believed to be more prone to the disease.

Tapan Biswas of Jharkhali had been suffering from severe abdominal pain and blood in stool for long. He was diagnosed to be suffering from Crohn's Disease in September 2008 by doctors in Vellore. But due to financial constraints and the distance, he could not continue the treatment. He later developed complications known as Colovesical Fistula, where a connection develops between the intestine and urinary bladder.

When admitted to Fortis Hospital in September 2010,"Biswas weighed barely 27kg and was very weak. Stabilising his condition was important before initiating treatment and he was put on medication and nutritional support," said Fortis Hospital's medical gastroenterologist Debasis Dutta.

Once stabilised,laparoscopic surgeon Dr Ramesh Agarwalla conducted a minimal invasive surgery. "Such cases are normally dealt with open surgery. But he was extremely weak to endure that. We have plans of discharging him in a couple of days," said Agarwalla.

6 February 2011