A Daily Dose of Dark Chocolate May Help Cut Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Patients in a pilot study found they had less fatigue when eating dark chocolate with a high cocoa content than with white chocolate dyed brown.

 Dark Chocolate May Help Cut Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
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10 patients who received a daily dose - 45g - of dark chocolate or white chocolate dyed to look like dark chocolate for two months. The patients then had a month off before taking the other type of chocolate for two months.

Those taking Dark Chocolate reported significantly less fatigue and reported feeling more fatigue when they stopped eating it.

Researchers from Hull York Medical School said the results were surprising but dark chocolate may be having an effect on the brain chemical serotonin, which has been linked with chronic Fatigue syndrome .

Dark chocolate is high in polyphenols, which have been associated with a reduction in blood pressure and can improve levels of serotonin in the brain.

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a condition with a diverse range of symptoms but particularly characterised by profound muscle fatigue after minimal physical exertion. Psychological symptoms like depression and anxiety are linked and can be debilitating. Patients often express despair about ever feeling well again.

Although more research was needed to confirm the findings, researchers agreed that patients would do themselves no harm by eating small amounts of dark chocolate and NO-ONE IN THE STUDY PUT ON ANY WEIGHT.

"If you derive benefit, then it's a no-harm, no-risk situation."
FYI: Belgian Dark Chocolate Rocks!

Based on a BBC report in 2007
22 February 2011