The Wonders of Cononut Oil

Which dietary oil provides the widest range of health benefits?
What oil can help
- protect you from heart disease,
- improve your digestion,
- increase your energy level,
- strengthen your immune system, and
- enhance your over all health?

The answer is coconut oil. Are you surprised? Most people are!

coconut oilCoconut oil was once mistakenly believed to be bad for the heart because of its saturated fat content.

Coconut oil is now known to contain a 'unique form' of saturated fat that actually helps prevent heart attacks, stroke, and hardening of the arteries as well as provide many other health benefits.

Bruce Fife in his article "The Wonders of Coconut Oil" posted on September 10, 2008, says that Asian and Polynesian people who rely on coconuts and coconut oil as a part of their daily diet have the lowest heart disease rates in the world. Some of these people get as much as 50% of their total daily calories as saturated fat, primarily from coconut oil. If coconut oil caused heart disease, as some people used to believe, these islanders would have all died off centuries ago.

Those populations who consume large quantities of coconut oil have remarkably good cardiovascular health. Absent are the heart attacks and strokes characteristic in Western countries where coconut oil is rarely used.

He also says, "What many people don't realize is that there are many different types of saturated fat, just as there are different types of polyunsaturated fat. Each has a different effect on the body. The saturated fat in coconut oil is unlike the fat found in meat or even other vegetable fats. It is identical to a special group of fats found in human breast milk called medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA) also referred to as medium-chain triglycerides (MCT).

These special fatty acids have been shown to stimulate the metabolism, improve digestion, strengthen the immune system, and protect against bacterial, viral, and fungal infections as well as protect the heart and arteries from the conditions that cause heart disease. For these and other reasons, coconut oil, in one form or another, has routinely been used commercial baby formulas".

coconut oilAccording to him the fact that the fatty acids in coconut oil are used as fuel to generate energy, rather than put into storage like other fats, provides many remarkable health benefits. The most obvious is a boost in energy.

The energy boost is not like the kick you get from caffeine, it's more subtle but longer lasting. It is most noticeable as an increase in endurance. This effect is accumulative, that is, energy level increases with daily use. Studies have shown when athletes are given MCFA during training their performance and endurance improves. For this reason, coconut oil or fractionated coconut oil (also called MCT oil) is added to many sports drinks and energy bars.

Patients suffering from vitamin B deficiencies have been helped simply by giving them coconut oil. The oil itself doesn't supply any B vitamins but enhances the absorption of the vitamins already in the diet.

Coconut oil has also been used to enhance utilization and retention of Calcium and Magnesium when a deficiency of these minerals exists. This is especially true in the case of Rickets, which involves a vitamin D deficiency and the demineralization of the bones. Children suffering from rickets have recovered simply by adding coconut oil to their diet. For those who are concerned about developing osteoporosis as they get older, coconut oil may also be useful in helping to slow down this degenerative process by improving mineral absorption.

It's no wonder nature put MCFA (medium-chain fatty acids) in breast milk. The unique fatty acids are easy to digest, supply a source of quick energy, support thyroid function (which enhances healing and immune system function), and improves nutrient absorption. In addition, medical research indicates coconut oil may be useful in protecting against heart disease, breast and colon cancer, liver disease, kidney disease, Crohn's disease, epilepsy, candida, herpes, influenza, and numerous other infectious diseases.

He ends by saying "Fortunately, babies aren't the only ones who can benefit from MCFA. We can enjoy all of the benefits of MCFA by adding coconut oil to our diets."

Source:, September 10, 2008
Author: Dr. Bruce Fife
Article: Nature's Miracle Oil.