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According to an article published by LifeSupplemented.Org the majority of physicians —79 percent — recommend supplements to their patients.

A Healthcare Professionals (HCP) Impact Study was conducted.
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What are the primary health reasons physicians recommend supplements?
The top five health reasons physicians recommend supplements to their patients are*:

While the survey did not ask physicians to specify which supplements they might recommend for each condition, some supplements are recognized to help maintain optimal health in each of these areas. Annette Dickinson, Ph.D., consultant to the LifeSsupplemented.Org consumer wellness campaign, suggests some supplements to consider taking to improve health in these five areas:

Now that you know the top five reasons physicians are recommending supplements, take a look at the top supplements used by the 72 percent of physicians who say they use dietary supplements:

Dietary Supplement Percentage Taking

  • Multivitamin 87%
  • Vitamin C 78%
  • B vitamins 63%
  • Vitamin D 59%
  • Vitamin E 58%
  • Calcium 58%

Source:, Posted Dep 16, 2008
Article Name: Physicians Prescribe Prevention