Probiotics & Canine Health

Rebecca Foxton writes about "Probiotics & Canine Health in Apr 2008 Updates". She says that parasitic infections are common among puppies and are symptomatic, as the dog or puppy will experience diarrhea, vomiting, and show a pot-belly, which is often perceived as being “cute”.

Another indicator of a possible parasite or bacterial infection is poor coat quality or other general signs of bad health. Get the vet to take a stool sample if you feel that your animal has a parasite.

She also mentions that you should educate yourself on the raw diet. Many pet owners have found that the raw food diet has been the best thing for their pets and highly recommend it. Some so-called experts on dog nutrition recommend cooking the food as to allow for the protein to digest easier and to rid of parasites. However, this is incorrect, as the raw food does not need to be cooked.

Dog parasite infestations need not be harmful as a healthy dog has a powerful immune system which can take care of these types of things. A regular anti-parasitic program of treatment, such as yearly heart worm check ups, regular worming and flea control etc, and your pet should not be at risk.

DogRebecca continues to say that being able to spot the tell-tale signs is always good. Diarrhea is an indicator of parasites or food poisoning. Bacterial infections and canine parasites are not pleasant for your dog. If left untreated it could cause serious problems.

Similar to the case with humans, nutritional and health aids can be used to improve immunity, avoid disease, and foster good health.

As well as supplements, dog nutrition is vital and in most cases a daily or weekly dose of canine vitamins and daily probiotics should be the only supplements required for most pets with a general level of activity.

Foxton concludes by saying that researching the ingredients in the food you feed your dog is a good idea, as most brands of dog food fail to provide a healthy diet. Since ingredients including vegetables, fruits, and grains, the nutritional value of corn and fruit are becoming more prevalent among many dog foods, now is the time that you should really look into your options. You will find the answers using research and what you really feel is the right choice.

Source:, posted April 4th, 2008
Author: Rebecca Foxton