Best Home Remedies

Home Remedies are discussed by Herb Denenberg in the Bulletin posted on May 15. 2008. He says that one of the great distortions of modern medicine is the emphasis on prescription and over-the-counter drugs. "We pour billions into drugs, many of which don't work as well as drugs already on the market and many of which are dangerous or ineffective," he says.

Then the doctors prescribe these drugs, often the new ones, which are the most expensive and risky because the small numbers used in clinical trials. Hence the seven-year rule of the Health Research Group - don't use a new drug until it has been on the market for at least seven years, unless there is some compelling reason to do so."

He also mentions that on top of all that, drugs are easy to prescribe, making it easier to move a patient in and out in a hurry. It takes time to explain diet, exercise, stress control, adequate sleep and other elements of lifestyle changes that are the master keys to good health. Think about how easy it is to write a prescription, and that's especially true when the doctor offers little discussion of alternative non-drug remedies, side effects and all the rest they are supposed to discuss - in theory, at least.

Herb goes to say that we still know remarkably little about vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, phytochemicals and all the other miraculous nutrients in our food. They do not offer the fortunes of a drug with a patent when pushed on a brainwashed and subservient profession. So vitamins and other nutrients don't get the study and research they deserve.

Denenberg finishes by saying "I started thinking about all this when I came across the article "Home Remedies that Work: Some traditional cures have stood up to scientific scrutiny" in the Consumer Reports Newsletter on Health (June 2008).

There are only seven of these proven home remedies discussed, but there are probably hundreds that should be studied and made available to the public, often in place of more expensive and riskier prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Consider the improvement they often offer over existing drugs and other remedies."

Here some examples.