Sperm Zappers

American men's sperm counts are plummeting, thanks to prenatal chemical exposure, obesity and many other factors. Men can benefit from lifestyle changes in as few as three months, as they continually generate new sperm.

 Sperm Zappers
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Encourage your man to adopt these modifications:
Stop smoking: This habit damages sperm DNA.
Check out his meds: Certain blood pressure drugs lower sperm count.
Other common culprits: Diuretics and ulcer, epilepsy and antifungal meds.
Reduce stress: A 2010 study published in Fertility and Sterility found an inverse relationship between stress and sperm quality.
Keep 'em cool: Don't use the laptop on the lap or keep a cellphone in pants pockets.
Be fruitful and multiply: Antioxidant-rich, produce-heavy diets (as well as antioxidant supplements) have been shown to improve sperm quality.

14 July 2011