3 Superfoods to Boost your Skins Natural Glow

It’s no secret that certain food will help your skin glow from the inside out. Here are three superfoods that will boost any dull dermis.

3 Superfoods to Boost your Skin
Image Courtesy:www.self.com

Fish and Wine; Lead study author Maricel B. Hughes of the Queensland Institute of Medical Research explains, “The antioxidants in wine and the omega-3 fatty acids in certain fish may help combat the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation.” The two essential fatty acids that you want are Omega 3 & 6.

Omega 6 has the most beneficial effects on the skin & hair. Omega 3 reduces the body’s production of inflammatory agents that can damage the skin. Because the body can’t make either acid on its own, sources such as oily fish - sardines and salmon are a must. Other sources to keep in mind are organic eggs, sesame, rapeseed, walnut, soya bean, and flax oils.

Blueberries are the superfood that some believe to have the highest source of antioxidants, which, along with other nutrients, neutralize damaging free radicals, and thereby reduce cell damage. When skin is protected from free radicals, it can stay younger for longer.

Green Tea is another gem rich in antioxidants that will reduce inflammation and protect cell membranes. It has been proven to reduce the damage of sunburns and exposure to ultra violet light. According to Hasan Mukhtar, professor of dermatology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, “There is evidence that drinking at least two, and preferable four, cups of green tea each day may protect against skin cancers and reverse the effects of sun damage by promoting cell regrowth.”

10 August 2011