Probiotics Protect From Colds and Pregnancy Complications

In a review, The Cochrane Library of 14 Studies involving over 3000 people has concluded that probiotics can have a positive preventative effect against the common cold for both kids & adults.

Probiotics Protect From Colds and Pregnancy Complications

They found that people who take or consume probiotics on a regular basis, have less need for antibiotics for a cold or upper respiratory ailments like laryngitis, tonsillitis,  sinusitis, ear infections, and croup. The review compared probiotic effects against placebo.

Probiotics are found in yogurts, kefir & are also available in supplement form or drink form. Probiotics  include beneficial bacteria called lactobacillus & bifidobacteria. Few side effects were reported by people who took probiotics.

Probiotics & Pregnancy:
A recent study has concluded that probiotics taken during pregnancy can help reduce complications like pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia is a sudden increase in blood pressure during pregnancy, usually occuring after the 20th week. Approximately 5% of pregnant women suffer from pre-eclampsia. The disorder can progress to be dangerous to both the mother & the child.

The study was performed with over 30,000 women in Norway over a 6 year period. The women who took probiotics every day were found to develop pre-eclampsia less. Pre-eclampsia prevention is crucial, as the only current cure for the disorder is early birth.

20 September 2011