Swap This For That To Control Cholesterol

A diet that is low in cholesterol, saturated fat, and trans fat helps improve blood cholesterol levels and lowers your risk for heart disease. Luckily, eating this way does not have to mean skipping your favorite meals. Often, its a simple matter of switching one food for another.

Swap This For That To Control Cholesterol
Image Courtesy:img.webmd.com

Below are some smart food-swapping solutions.
Instead of: Eggs sunny-side up
Eat this: Egg-white omelet
All the cholesterol in eggs is found in the yolks. In recipes, replace each whole egg with two egg whites. When baking, add a little vegetable oil for moister consistency.
Instead of: Meat lasagna
Eat this: Vegetable lasagna
Most saturated fat comes from animal sources,including meat and dairy products. Also consider using reduced-fat cheese. Instead of: Pan-fried burger
Eat This: Grilled burger
Start with lean ground beef or turkey. Cook on a rack to let the fat drip away. Or get rid of saturated fat completely by grilling a Portobello mushroom instead of a meat burger.
Intead of: Deep-fried chicken
Eat This: Baked chicken Being overweight can increase your cholesterol, so watch the calories from oil. To further reduce fat, choose light colored meat and remove the skin.

10 November 2011