Sleeping With Your Pet

More than half of pet owners living in America, sleep with their furry companions, and that can be a huge mistake.

Sleeping With Your Pet<br />

A new study at the University of California, warns that such close contact can transmit serious illnesses from pet to caretaker. These illnesses including meningitis, worms, and (through fleas) even the bubonic plague. Experts suspect up to several million cases of zoonotic diseases (those passed from animals to humans) may occur each year, ranging from skin conditions like ringworm to life-threatening ailments such as staph infections.

Researchers say, even though your pets provide a lot of comfort & can reduce stress, they are animals and can carry potentially dangerous bacteria, parasites, & bugs.

Researcher Bruno Chomel says it is not wise to let pets lick you on the mouth, and recommends hand-washing whenever you've been handling them. "Having a pet in the bed is not a good idea," he said.

Health & Science
18 November 2011