Dogs Diet & Essential Fatty Acids

Does your pet’s skin and coat look shiny and healthy?
If not, this could indicate the need for more fatty acids to be in your dog’s diet.

A dog’s diet affects every aspect of his body as well as the skin and coat. If your dog’s diet has the right amount of fatty acids, then his coat and skin will appear healthy. Fatty acids in your dog’s diet will prevent dry skin and dandruff. A dull coat may well mean you need supplements of fatty acids in your dog’s diet.

Dogs Diet & Fatty Acid.jpg If your dog’s coat is already in a good condition, adding more EFA's will still improve your dog’s health. The fatty acid supplements, such as omega 6 and 3, is primarily used for dog’s with diagnosed skin problems.

You must provide EFAs to your pet through your dog’s diet or supplementation, as fatty acids are not produced by your dog’s body. Watch the miracle of fatty acids work in your dog’s diet.

Omega 6 fatty acids is present in manufactured dog food at effective levels.

Source: SifuSay.Com Oct 25, 2008