Broccoli & Blueberries May Boost Gut Health

As per recent information, it has been revealed that Broccoli & Blueberries may prove to be effective in individuals suffering from a variety of digestive issues.

The study, which was carried out with the intent of probing on means for making improvements in gut health among humans, in excess of 15,000 individuals in New Zealand were found to be suffering from inflammatory bowel disorders & Crohn's disease.

 Broccoli & Blueberries May Boost Gut Health
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The next move is to clinically assess the manner in which humans suffering from IBD & other digestive issues can reap advantages of a diet excessively rich in broccoli and blueberries, as stated by the Plant and Food Research scientist, Dr. Gunaranjan Paturi.

Dr. Gunaranjan Paturi, said " there is an intensely progressing body of confirmations which can effectively suggest that the said compounds available in vegetables and fruit can end up providing immensely beneficial consequences to gastrointestinal health."

Dr. Paturi further said, “In the mice we have seen these changes, so it is a possibility that in the humans there might be an effect. So, there should be some clinical trials that should look forward & see how this really changes in humans”.

However, it has been claimed that no human clinical assessment are scheduled at this phase since funding constraints was a bigger issue.

Dr. Paturi added that the two foods were made to go through a trial since there were a handful of commercial interests in relation to them, and since both broccoli & blueberries were extensively used by Kiwis already.

22 February 2012