Milk Fats Linked to Bowel Diseases

A new study has found a link between bowel diseases & processed foods. A diet high in milk fats has been linked to severe stomach diseases. Milk fats are a type of fat found in many processed foods.

Milk Fats Linked to Bowel Diseases

The study, in the journal Nature, found that Western-type diets high in these milk-derived saturated fats may cause IBD (inflammatory bowel diseases) such as Crohn's disease & ulcerative colitis. These types of autoimmune diseases are much more common today than they were 50 years ago, & researchers think environmental factors such as diet are playing a role.

To conduct the study, the researchers fed mice either milk fat, safflower oil or lard. The researchers found that the mice that were fed the milk fat had rapidly developed a rare type of bacteria in their gut. That bacteria can trigger inflammatory diseases as well as inflammation.

A researcher not involved in the study, told BBC News,"Not only do the authors provide, what is in my opinion, the first credible explanation as to how Western diet contributes to the unusually high incidence in inflammatory bowel disease; they also suggest an effective means of dealing with such diseases, by simply reshaping the microbial balance of the gut."

Bloomberg News reported, Milk fat is a type of saturated fat that is created when the fat is separated from butter & turned into a powder-like substance.

The study's lead author told Bloomberg ,"even before this study, many researchers have long guessed that processed foods are contributing to an overall rise in immune disorders. These immune disorders are all linked together. As we’re beginning to understand the basis of these diseases they have very common mechanism of actions that seem to cause them. They’re a combination of genetic susceptibility & changes in the environment."

18 June 2012