5 Reasons Why You should Eat Kale

A member of the leafy green family, Kale has become extremely popular. Recent studies have shown that this plant is rich in fiber, protein & antioxidants, is quite tasty and can be prepared in many different ways. The amount of phytochemicals aids our bodies in detoxing, which helps protect us from disease.

5 Reasons Why You should Eat Kale
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There are several types of kale stemming from Green kale, Dinosaur kale, to Red kale that are all equally nutritious.

Here are five reasons why kale should be included in your daily diet:
1. Vitamins:
It’s rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C & Vitamin K. These immunity-boosting vitamins provide all the tissue-building properties to keep your skin & bones strong.

2. Antioxidant:
Kale has two of the most powerful superstar antioxidants, flavonoids & carotenoinds. These aid in expelling radicals & helps fight against cancer. Its fiber density will also keep you from overeating as it keeps your stomach feeling full.

3. Fights Cancer: Research has found that kale aids in blocking cancer cell growth. The organic sulfur that is found in vegetables in the Brassica genus (like Broccoli) contains compounds are broken down into potent anticancer compounds called isothiocyanates. These enzymes help destroy cancer cells & help block any further growth.

4. Heart-healthy:
Kale has lutein, which research shows helps prevent atherosclerosis. It helps smooth the flow of blood to the body, keeping your heart healthy & strong.

5. Anti-Inflammatory:
If you suffer from chronic illnesses like arthritis, kale is something that you need to incorporate in your diet. Kale aids in reducing inflammation caused by the over-consumption of processed meats and, considering that it has more iron than beef, it is nutritionally a better option. Kale is definitely a powerhouse nutrient.
It is fat-free, low-calorie & full of fiber.To get the most benefit out of this leafy green, buy it locally grown or organic.

17 July 2012