Probiotics Symposium September 21-22, 2012

The annual Probiotics Symposium was held at the fabulous Solamar Hotel downtown San Diego Sept 21-22 2012. It was great venue. The hotel provided healthy meals and excellent service.

The first presenter was Ingrid Kohlstadt, MD who spoke about the systemic manifestations of gastrointestinal dysbiosis.

Probiotics Symposium
Image Courtesy: pamelanathan


Increased GI Permeability and Gut Inflammation in Kids with IBS and Functional Abdominal Pain.

To decide gastrointestinal permeability & fecal calprotectin concentration in children ages 7–10 years that have functional abdominal pain & irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) vs Controls & ascertain potential relationships with stooling & pain symptoms.

In the study, GI permeability ( Leaky Gut) and fecal calprotectin concentration were measured. Children kept a two-week diary of pain episodes and stooling pattern.



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