Yoga’s Stress Relief: An Aid for Infertility?

KIMBERLY SORANNO, a 39-year-old Brooklynite undergoing an in vitro fertilization cycle as part of her quest to become pregnant, had gone to her share of yoga classes, but never one like that held on a recent Tuesday night in a reception area of the New York University Fertility Center. There were no deep twists or headstands; just easy “restorative” poses as the teacher, Tracy Toon Spencer, guided the participants — most of them women struggling to conceive — to let go of their worries.


Yoga Practice Reduces Fear of Falling In Seniors.

Marieke Van Puymbroeck, assistant professor in the Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Studies in IIndiana University's School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation and her team of researchers have found promising results in an investigational study that involvied the practice of yoga by seniors who had a fear of falling. After a 12-week period of time, with two classes per week that was taught by a professional yoga therapist, the study participants reported:


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