Healthy Pregnancy

Super Foods are Critical for Pregnant Women

We all know that lifestyle & diet during pregnancy have a significant impact on a child's health. New Research shows that its crucial to be eating healthy foods before conception, during pregnancy and into life.

Dr. Steven Pratt, a clinical assistant professor of ophthalmology at the University of California, San Diego says, "If you're missing just one nutrient at a crucial time of development, that can be a problem.


Healthy Pregnancy nutrition requires Whole Foods

Whole foods like avocados and cucumbers are healthy pregnancy nutrition
Expectant mothers do a great service to their babies when they learn more about whole foods for healthy pregnancy nutrition. Whether expecting or not, the need for a balanced diet that includes vitamins and minerals from whole foods is a basic nutrition fact. This is even more significant when planning pregnancy nutrition. A healthy diet filled with whole foods is essential for helping the baby develop to its full potential.


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