Meditation & Exercise Have Shown to Fight the Common Cold

According to preliminary findings of a study conducted in Wisconsin, exercise or meditation may lower the rate, length and severity of the flu or common cold. The randomized controlled trial suggests preventing the common cold may not just be limited to practices such as frequent hand shaking or covering the mouth when sneezing or coughing.


Losing Weight is Linked to Probiotics

Losing weight is a frustrating endeavor that leaves men and women with troubling problem areas around their waist & thighs. Unfortunately, there are all sorts of companies that seek to take advantage of people who don’t know how to lose stomach fat by offering potentially dangerous supplements & fad products.

Loosing Weight is Linked to Probiotics


Diet, Exercise And Sleep Boost the Immune System.

While more people seem to get colds in the winter months, none of us wants to be feeling horrible and sick in any season. So what can you do to stay healthy and keep your immune system strong? Experts say there is no magic bullet, but nutrition science provides important recommendations that everyone can follow to lessen the chances of getting sick.


Breathe Stress Away!

Famous Singers croon about the benefits of just breathing, for example, Faith Hill, but while we may be keen on huffing out the words of their latest songs, we don't always embrace the message behind the lyrics. 

Research shows us, however, that focusing on our breath and how we use each inhale and exhale can help reduce stress and in turn, enhance the quality of our lives.


Dietary Remedies For Diabetes

In the United States, a new case of diabetes is diagnosed every 30 seconds. And many of those people will be given drugs to treat the disease. You can control high blood sugar with medications, but they are not a cure and they can have side effects. They are also expensive, costing $400 or more a month for many patients.



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