Reducing Stress

Breathe Stress Away!

Famous Singers croon about the benefits of just breathing, for example, Faith Hill, but while we may be keen on huffing out the words of their latest songs, we don't always embrace the message behind the lyrics. 

Research shows us, however, that focusing on our breath and how we use each inhale and exhale can help reduce stress and in turn, enhance the quality of our lives.


Thoughts on the Future of Acupuncture

Jean Marie Exavier, 2010 Earthquake Survivor, Leogane, Haiti tells us....."After the disaster,I get many trouble, you know, because I lose many friends. When the first AWB team coming here, they explain me about the acupuncture. I take the first therapy. I feel so good. There's no stress, pain for me. I sleep well. After that, I explain this to the other people. They agree with me. ... But now I can tell you the truth. This is the best therapy that I ever know before."


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