Losing Weight is Linked to Probiotics

Losing weight is a frustrating endeavor that leaves men and women with troubling problem areas around their waist & thighs. Unfortunately, there are all sorts of companies that seek to take advantage of people who don’t know how to lose stomach fat by offering potentially dangerous supplements & fad products.

Loosing Weight is Linked to Probiotics


Probiotic Protein Shows Colon Benefits in Laboratory Rodents

Many people take supplements or have probiotic-enriched yogurt in order to help improve digestion. While controversy has surrounded the efficacy of such products, a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation recognized one specific probiotic protein that promoted good colon health in laboratory rodents.

 Colon Benefits in Laboratory Rodents</p>


What You Need to Know About Garden of Life Products

If you are eager about natural supplementation, you will most certainly have heard of Garden of Life products. This product line has been rather controversial, with health claims that are sure to convince you to go ahead and buy them. Here is some information about GOL (Garden Of Life) Products, and what they can do for you & your health.



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