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Now you can SHOP here at Ecology's website!

We are happy to tell you that you are now able to SHOP directly from Ecology Health Center's website.

Our devoted readers kept telling us that they wanted to be able to access natural & healthy supplements from our site directly.
We take pride in excellent customer service and are happy to provide complimentary customer service in helping you choose what supplements to buy.


"Healing the Environment Within"

 Spokes WomanWe are dedicated to bringing you the most up to date, innovative information in the field holistic health care. We focus on both alternative and complementary medicine. Complementary medicine is used together with conventional medicine. Alternative medicine on the other hand, is used in place of conventional medicine. We believe in prevention; we know that education is an essential component in prevention. 


Ecology Health Center Cookbook

 Ecology Health Center Cookbook

Ecology Health Center is proud to announce the re-release of their reknown EHC Cookbook that is designed to meet the specific needs of people who have changed their diets for a variety of reasons.

All recipes limit foods that are often found to be problematic - like common allergens or food sensitivities, foods known to support yeast proliferation (Candida Albicans) and also foods that may encourage the growth of pathogenic intestinal bacteria . All the recipes are:

  • sugar free,
  • dairy free,
  • gluten free, and
  • yeast free

Some recipes do contain gluten free grains (rice, millet & buckwheat).

The Cookbook may be purchased on line at www.Crohns.Net and


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