Inflammatory Bowel Disease

IBD sufferers are at high risk of blood clots

People living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) are known to be at high risk of blood clots when admitted to hospital during a flare-up of their disease but now new research by scientists at The University of Nottingham has shown that those who are not admitted to hospital during flare-ups are also at risk.

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Cannabis Hope for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Chemicals found in cannabis could prove an effective treatment for the inflammatory bowel diseases Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease, say scientists. Laboratory tests have shown that two compounds found in the cannabis plant -- the cannabinoids THC and cannabidiol -- interact with the body's system that controls gut function.


5 Genetic Regions Tied to Childhood IBD

Five newly identified genetic regions may help explain how childhood inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) develops.

A new study shows at least one of the five new gene regions associated with childhood IBD is directly involved in the biological process that causes the painful inflammation of the digestive tract associated with the disease.


Natural Remedies for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

According to Philip B. Miner, Jr., M.D., President and Medical Director of the Oklahoma Foundation for Digestive Research, patients with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases are looking towards the National Center of Complementary Medicine because of:

  • the side effects and, in some cases, ineffectiveness of conventional medical treatments,
  • concerns around the nutritional value of the processed arid refined foods that have come to dominate the American diet,


New Stem Cell Therapy for Crohn's Disease

Cellular therapy with stem cells is revolutionizing the focus of treatment of many serious diseases. Replacing the cells of damaged tissue with other new cells from the same patient is already a reality. This is the basis of cellular therapy and regenerative medicine, the latest great advance in biomedicine.

Hospital Clínic in Barcelona is exploring an innovative cellular therapy that uses stem cells to treat Crohn's disease, the chronic genetic disease that affects 1% of the population in Spain and which has considerable impact on the quality of life of the patients.


Green Tea Helps Inflammatory Bowel Disease

According to Jon M. Stout, "For centuries, Asians have used green tea for health, both to prevent disease and treat illnesses."

Tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant. Green tea is not fermented during processing, but black tea does go through a fermentation process.


Gut Bacteria Fights Inflammatory Bowel Disease

HealthDay News reports: "It has long been known that the guts of humans and other mammals contain about 1,000 different species of bacteria that protect against infection and aid digestion. It has also been suspected that recent increases in asthma and certain food allergies may be due to disruptions in the delicate balance of the intestinal ecosystem, according to background information in the study".



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